X2K Business Suite

The BUSINESS edition extends upon the LITE version by adding integrated user management and support for subscription based business models.


High Level Overview:


  • Organize your content with a state-of-the-art CMS system
  • Drag & drop video content encoding and "tagging"
  • Easy as 1-2-3 embedding process
  • Integrated website membership templates with authentication

X2K Professional Suite

The PROFESSIONAL edition is best used for companies who want a Video on Demand or Live Events (Cams) system. This system is best suited for companies that “own” the rights to their content.


High Level Overview:


  • Video on Demand
  • Live Events (Cams)
  • Subscription Sites
  • Website templates

X2K Enterprise Suite

The ENTERPRISE edition of X2K is best suited for companies who want a GIGANTIC Video on Demand or Live Events (Cams) system with the ability to aggregate content from (unlimited) different providers and give the providers a login to track usage and licensing fees.


High Level Overview:


  • Video on Demand
  • Live Events (Cams)
  • B2B Content Feeds Licensing
  • (Unlimited) sub-accounts***
  • Eco-System Platform
  • Advertising System (coming soon)

X2K Media Features


  Buinsess Professional Enterprise
Monthly Licensing Fee Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
X2K Per-Sever Licensing
(encoding not included)
(1) License (1) Licenses (10) Licenses
Server Type Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated
CDN Stream Optional Optional Optional
X2K Player:
HD Compatible
Bitrate Selection
Instant Seeking
Scene Select
Movie Select (pop-out movie listing from player)  
Embed Player
iPod (podcasting)
Adding Movies to (My Favorites)  
Customized Player Skins $250 $250 $250
Pre & Post Role
Business models
Video On Demand /
Pay Per Gig (feeds system)    
Live Cams (CDN)  
Leasing Feeds (B2B)    
($$$) Sub Accounts:     Unlimited
Website Templates (integrated with X2K)
Free Site (Tube) - Designs
Membership - Designs
VOD - Designs  
Live Cams - Designs  
Integrated Billing
User Authentication
Total Views
Average Bandwidth per View
Average Duration per View
Content Usage
System Health
Import Manager: Batch Import
Virtual Scene &
Thumbnail Creator
Sync Manager: Syncs content between servers for redundancy
Add On's:
Features Customization ($100/hour) ($100/hour) ($100/hour)
Overlay (Ad Support) CPC & Impressions- Coming Soon $349/mo $349/mo
Encoding Manager (per server license) $99/mo $99/mo
(1) Included
(5) Included
Additional Server Licenses (encoding not included) $99/mo $99/mo $99/mo
CDN Stream: CDN usage fees do not apply.

Eco-System: A platform where content licensors, content liscencees and live event participants can login, track usage, schedule live events, and calculate revenue/monies owed.

Eco-System Sub Accounts can be used to track commissions for content leveraged by 3rd party companies or live events for the models. The amount of sub accounts vary based off license.